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Double -sealed Skirt Rubber SXMZ-MB

Double -sealed Skirt Rubber  SXMZ-MB
Product details

Multiply Skirt Rubber,Model SXMZ-MB:

The impact and vibration of the convey belt makes materials spill and dust pollution and cause high abrasion. It will have the following problems during using of traditional flat type sealing skirt:

1. Frequent adjustment and replacement

2.High maintenance cost

Our multiply skirt rubber prefectly solve the above problems.

Product features

1. Double layer design, the inner layer separates conveying material, the outer part isolates the dust. The inner layer among, made of the special compounded PU, can effectively prevent materials to overflow and prolongs the service life of skirt rubber.

2. Keep the space 3-5mm beteewn the inner layer and the belt to decrease the belt damage.

3. Low friction coefficient polyurethane enables the wing part adapt to the belt vibration and maintain the appropriate contact pressure to belt so as to efficiently reduce dust leakage.

4. Due to the particular design of the clamp unit, the supports and aluminum alloy bar connect tightly and will not drop, easy to be construction and installed.

5. The length and height of skirt rubber can be customized according to the demand of customers.

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