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The Primary Cleaner SXMZ-M1

The  Primary  Cleaner SXMZ-M1
Product details

Primary Belt Cleaner, Model SXMZ-M1

Primary Belt Cleaner is installed by Head Pully. The Belt cleaner blades keep touching with Conveyor Belt through the pressure of spring to shave the remaining material.

Technical parameters and the standards of the Primary Belt Cleaner:

 1. Material of the blade:Poly Urethane

Features: low friction coefficient, wear-resisting, high strength, good elasticity and excellent Weathering resistance.

2. Structural Properties

Blade Group: Aluminum alloy blade holder, Material 6063, surface anodized, Modular design, apply to different belt width.

3. Pressure adjustment device: with pressure spring design---A. Through the pressure of spring, the Belt cleaner blades keep touching with Conveyor Belt to cleaning the conveying belt. B. At the same time, Spring has buffer function to avoid the damage to the conveying belt from the belt cleaner, caused of eccident external shocks.

4. The adjustment device and pressure window are easy to installed and mantained because of their special design.

Widely applied to Power plant, Mine, chemicals plant, wharf handling yard, cement, steel works…

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