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Pulley Rubber Lagging SXMZ-PCL

Pulley  Rubber Lagging SXMZ-PCL
Product details

Ceramic Lagging

Material: SBR+Ceramic

Types: Flat Ceramic Lagging, Bump Ceramic


application to the drive pulleys and driven pulleys, bump point design of the ceramic increases in the coefficient of friction between the belt and pulley and can prevent the belt side skid. Tere is drainage ditch between each  row of ceramic to improve the drainage function. Five faces of each ceramic paste with the rubber to strengthen adhesion strength and prolong its service life.

1. Applicable Scope: Application to the conveying systems of steel metallurgical, thermal power, mine, dock, cement and other industries. Its service life is nearly 50 times of the traditional cold viscose.

2. Adhesive: Using high strength adhesive special for metal and rubber, strong adhesion, heat-resisting, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion- resistance, anti-aging and not easy to drop.

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